The Reality Behind the Blood and Tears

The Reality Behind the Blood and Tears, Part 2 – The Hidden Face of India

Visitors to India are mesmerised by the lavish appearance of cities such as Bombay. They leave with the impression that British rule has led to the affluence and advancement of the country. However, this is a deliberately created illusion, and it is indeed the aim of Britain to invoke such a feeling of admiration.

In reality, who pays the cost of the railroad, the telephone, and all other facilities and construction projects?

Those who visit India must not stop at the level of glancing about superficially, but should look deeper to uncover the truth lying beneath the surface. Do not limit yourself to the urban areas, but travel to distant towns and villages and interact with the people there.

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With each passing year, do their lives improve as one might expect? Or, on the contrary, do their lives continue to worsen?

It is globally known that India often suffers from drought. These times are like a broom of death that sweeps over the Indian people, causing famine and great suffering.

What is the source of these terrible droughts? What has been causing the rampant plague that has come to be known as the shadow of India? And, why can neither be alleviated?

There is a side of India that has been hidden.

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