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The Reality Behind the Blood and Tears, Part 1 – The Illusion of British Rule

Britain created a superficial appearance of affluence and success in India. Visitors would be awestruck at the sight of the luxurious British style hotels, the grand railway stations, and countless other palatial buildings. People would return to their home countries under the impression that the British had been pouring money into India, and that their rule was a splendid godsend for the Indian people.

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However, beneath the distraction of  the deceptively thriving physical exterior, hid the tear and blood drenched reality. The initial illusion of prosperity was no indication of the prosperity of the Indian people. It was only a sign of the affluence enjoyed by the ruling powers as a result of their exploitation of the mass population.

We must not overlook the reality of who paid for the construction costs of the magnificent buildings that the British lived in, worked in, and rented out.  We cannot forget that while the British lived in great comfort, the Indian people suffered in appalling misery.

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By imposing outrageous taxes on the public, the British snatched money from the pockets of the Indian people – the most destitute population anywhere in the world. After being drained of all they had, the people were left to suffer in crushing poverty.

This must not be ignored.

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