The Indian Struggle for Independence

First edition: August 13, 1942. 5000 copies printed.

Author: Rash Behari Bose
Publisher: Hida Masajiro
Publishing House: Shōwa Shobō
Language: Japanese

Below is an English translation of the contents of “The Indian Struggle for Independence” by Rash Behari Bose. The translation of the entire book is currently in progress.

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Table of Contents

 A Record of Our Struggles

  1. The Youth Who Crave Revolution
  2. The Flag of Revolution Flies in India
  3. Britain Uses Cunning Methods to Take Possession of India
  4. The Move to Self-Government
  5. The Rowlatt Act
  6. The Eruption of Public Rage
  7. Genocide at the Hands of General Dyer
  8. Commission Reports on the Massacre
  9. The Truth Behind Amritsar
  10. 4400 Casualties
  11. Statement by Ratan Devī
  12. Beaten on the Spine While Down on All Fours
  13. The Confession of a Boy Who Was Whipped
  14. The Conclusion of the Report
  15. Questions That Must be Asked
  16. The Stance Held by Gandhi and Tagore
  17. A Bomb Among a Procession of Elephants
  18. The Vanished Assailant
  19. My Experience on the Day of the Attack
  20. The Passionate Youth Who Love Their Country
  21. The Confiscation of My Secret Briefcase
  22. Escaping Crisis in Disguise
  23. The Loyal Government Clerk is the Leader of the Revolution
  24. Watching the Police Raid from My Hiding Spot
  25. A Bounty of 12,000 Rupees on My Head
  26. The Secret Meeting at the Ganges River
  27. Injured by a Bomb
  28. The Time for Action Arrives
  29. The Plan Fails
  30. The Failed Rebellion at Lahore
  31. Passing Through Ataka Barrier
  32. Travelling to Japan Under the Alias of Tagore
  33. Trouble at the Port of Call

The Events After My Escape to Japan

  1. The Ambassador to Britain is Angered
  2. A Sudden Expulsion Order
  3. The Generosity of the Sōma Family
  4. In the Midst of Hell, Support as Strong as Ten Million People
  5. The Compassion of Tōyama Mitsuru
  6. Escaping Through the Terao Residence
  7. Hiding at Nakamuraya
  8. The Sōma Family Work Hard to Conceal Me
  9. The Police Launch a Search
  10. Hunting for Clues at the Butcher Shop
  11. Leaving My Beloved Nakamuraya
  12. Pursued by Private Detectives
  13. Escaping by Car on the Ōshū Kaidō Road
  14. My Engagement to Toshiko
  15. Sōma Kokko’s Compassion
  16. Tōyama Mitsuru Acts as Go-Between for Our Marriage
  17. Toshiko on the Day of Our Wedding
  18. The Home of Newlyweds in Relentless Pursuit
  19. Becoming a Naturalized Citizen of Japan

India Gasps for Air Under the Tight Grip of Exploitation

  1. A Client State Denied Self-Government
  2. The History of India is Older Than That of Britain
  3. Weeping in Complete Submission
  4. Tearing Away the Mask of Disguise
  5. The Reality behind the Blood and Tears
  6. Bodies Eaten by Vultures
  7. Dying in Poverty
  8. The Cruelty of the Salt Tax
  9. The Enormous Expenses of the Government
  10. The Harsh Experiences of the Previous the War
  11. Crying out for Independence and Freedom
  12. The Religions of India
  13. Eight Types of Marriage Ceremony
  14. The Appeasement Policy of Britain
  15. A Courteous Robber
  16. The Economic Battle to Tap into India’s Wealth
  17. A Political Farce

India’s Role in the Great Asia War

  1. The Greater East Asia Declaration by Prime Minister Tōjō Hideki
  2. The Formation of the Indian Independence League in Japan
  3. The Declaration
  4. My Radio Broadcast
  5. The Radio Broadcast by the Bose of Germany
  6. The Struggle for Independence Spreads Across Asia
  7. The Leaders of the Independence Movement
  8. The Wardha Conference
  9.  The Cripps Mission
  10. The Details of the Plan for Self-Government Following the War
  11. Delicate Relations Among  Various Political Factions
  12. Every Manner of Appeasement
  13. Japan’s Stance Toward India
  14. America Strives to Overtake Britain’s Global Position
  15. The Opportunity for Independence is Ignited
  16. The Soviet Union’s Stance Toward Indian Independence
  17. Going on Strike in Demand for Freedom
  18. The Unified People are Triumphant
  19. The Battle Against a Common Enemy
  20. One Step Short of Suffocation

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