Tōjō Hideki’s Statement Addressed to Indians

On February 15, 1942, the Japanese military defeated British Singapore. The next day, PM Tōjō Hideki delivered an announcement that the Japanese did not regard India as their enemy, and that they fully supported the Indian independence movement.




This is the perfect opportunity for India, which has a magnificent tradition and a glorious history reaching back thousands of years, to escape the oppressing British regime and take part in constructing the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Shere.

Japan hopes that India will regain its original status as “India for Indians,” and we do not hesitate to support their patriotic efforts towards independence.

If the people of India fail to appreciate their history and tradition, remain unaware of their duty as Indians, and continue to be cajoled by Britain, while desiring to remain as their slaves, it saddens me to say that India shall forever lose this prime opportunity to reestablish their great civilization.


February 16, 1942.

Prime Minister Tōjō Hideki