The light of Amsterdam

The speech by Ed van Thijn

(mayor of Amsterdam, current minister of the interior)

“Your country Japan lost the past world war and our country the Netherlands won, but we experienced a great defeat. Japan is now one of the top economic powers in the world. Our country the Netherlands in the meantime has experienced a string of humilations. That’s to say, although we were supposed to have won we became an impoverished nation.

Before the war, we had a huge colony in “Asia” (the dutch east indies = approximately the present day Indonesia) and the mother country luxuriated from the resources and products such as petroleum. But now we have become a much reduced country with a size no larger than that of Kyushu in Japan.

Your country Japan says, “We are sorry to have initiated wars of invasion in many parts of Asia. We caused much distress to many peoples of Asia.” You belittle yourselves, bow down in apology, but this is a mistake.

You were the ones who shed your own blood in order to liberate and save the peoples of Asia. A truly human and good thing. You should know that the true history has been hidden from you people. You are taught only about the superficial elements of the past world war, or have been brain washed to think in your own minds that you have done bad deeds. But it is about time that you looked back in history and look at the truth of the matter.

In reality, it is us the white race who were at fault. For one hunder or even two hundred years, we subjugated the East Asian people by force of arms, made their land ours and ruled over them.

It was your country Japan which took to arms under the flag of the Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere, driven by the highest ideals of common prosperity, and led to freedom the people of east asia who for such a long time had been colonized or annexed, and long time exploited almost as slaves.

The truly wrong people were us west Europeans who invaded and ruled over them. As a result of Japan fighting for them, the peoples of Asia were able to each gain independence.

Japan has done a great deed, and you who fought for this shedding your blood, are the greatest contributors. You should stop belittling yourselves, and stand up tall again, and regain your pride.

Eduard van Thijn
Mayor of Amsterdam, who later was to become the minister of the interior

Youtube video “Amsterudamu no Koubou” (the light of Amsterdam) featuring the speecy by Eduard van Thijn:

Website of Soumou Zenkoku Chihougiin no Kai (Grass roots political group of politicians in local government) featuring the text of the van Thijn speech


「あなた方の日本国は先の大戦で負けて、私共のオランダは勝ったのに大敗をしました。今日の日本国は世界で一、二位を争う経済大国になりました。私達オラ ンダは、その間、屈辱の連続。即ち、勝った筈なのに、貧乏国になってしまいました。戦前は「アジア」に大きな植民地(オランダ領東インド(蘭印)=ほぼ現 在のインドネシア)が有り、石油等の資源・産物で、本国は栄耀栄華を極めておりました。しかし今では、日本の九州と同じ広さの本国だけになってしまいまし た。

あなた方の日本国は、「アジア各地で侵略戦争を起こして申し訳ない。アジアの諸民族に大変迷惑をかけた」と、自らを蔑み、ぺこぺこと謝罪しています が、これは間違いです。あなた方こそ、自らの血を流して、アジア民族を解放し、救い出すと言う人類最高の良い事をしたのです。何故ならば、あなた方の国の 人々は過去の真実の歴史を目隠しされて、先の大戦の目先の事のみを取り上げ、或いは洗脳されて、悪い事をしたと自分で悪者になっていますが、ここで歴史を 振り返って真相を見つめる必要があるでしょう。

本当は、私共白色人種が悪いのです。百年も二百年も前から、競って武力で東亜諸民族を征服し、自分の領土と して勢力下に置いたのです。植民地・属領にされて、永い間奴隷的に酷使されていた東亜諸民族を解放し、共に繁栄しようと、遠大崇高な理想を掲げて、大東亜共栄圏樹立という旗印で立ち上がったのが、貴国日本だったはずでしょう。

本当に悪いのは、侵略して権力を振るっていた西欧人の方です。日本は戦いに敗れま したが、東亜の解放は実現しました。即ち、日本軍は戦勝国の全てをアジアから追放して終わったのです。その結果、アジア諸民族は各々独立を達成しました。 日本の功績は偉大であり、血を流して戦ったあなた方こそ、最高の功労者です。自分を蔑む事を止めて、堂々と胸を張って、その誇りを取り戻すべきでありま す。」