The Early Years, The Indian Struggle for Independence, The Youth Who Crave Revolution

The Youth Who Crave Revolution, Part 1 – Birth and Childhood

I was born on May 25, 1886 in a small village by the name of Subaldaha, located in the state of Burdwan, West Bengal. When I was still just a young child, my mother and I left my birth home and went to live with my uncle in Palarabighati, Hooghly. Meanwhile my father, Vinodbehari, worked alone in Kolkata as a secretary for the government newspaper. I lived out most of my childhood in there in Hoogly, until my father bought a house for us in Chandannagar where we were able to live together as a family for some time.

Once I became old enough to start attending school, I left our home in Chandannagar and went to stay at my uncle’s home in Kolkata. It was there that I began my elementary level education and immediately found myself becoming captivated by books about the Indian independence movement. Their pages overflowed with the dreams of the Indian people and the future of our great country. The words I read surged through every vein in my body, just as they had for the passionate souls who worked at the frontlines of the revolution, throwing their mind, body and soul selflessly into the effort to free India.

I was so strongly impacted by these books that while I was still just a young boy of thirteen years, I abandoned my schooling and became determined that from this day forth, I would dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the revolution effort. I would volunteer as a soldier and fight for the freedom of India. The first chance I got, I submitted my application to Fort William with my mind set on joining the Indian armed forces. Then, I waited on the edge of my seat for their response.

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